That's me!
That's me!
Where the magic happens.
Where the magic happens.
I'm Tyler and I am a freelance videographer and editor based out of Scottsdale, Arizona and Portland, Oregon. I partner with brands, agencies, and entrepreneurs to create compelling video content.
Capturing and sharing cinematic moments of magic is what I live for. 
I am inspired by the vast landscapes of our planet and the stories of the people that live here. I have 10+ years of experience in taking video projects through the entire production process with clients such as Airbnb, Columbia Sportswear, KEEN, Hilton and Marriott.
You can usually find me listening to Audible, making coffee, or scouting for shoot locations (when I'm not in the edit bay, of course). 
Contact me at: 
"Tyler is an incredible videographer to work with. His creativity and commitment to the project was greatly appreciated! I look forward to working with Tyler again!"
- Samantha B. - Project Manager - Lululemon
"Tyler was an absolute joy to partner with on the creation of our recruitment video! He was able to bring our vision to life with his creative eye, collaborative spirit, and attention to detail. In addition, he was professional, prompt, communicative, and 100% reliable. Tyler delivered high-quality work, and I would strongly recommend him for your next project!"
- Brenda Ramsay - Creative Director - Paciolan

"Tyler is a needle in a haystack. I needed to shoot a promo video on a budget in MN (I live in NY) with lots of other moving parts. Tyler showed up and delivered the goods...organizing a studio and equipment for the shoot as well as trying to get the best takes possible and then crafting a great story in post production. He's a talented guy, great communicator and someone you can rely on to deliver your video project on time and in tune."
- Stephen C. - CEO - Sponsorcart
"Tyler was great to work with and delivered great quality of work against our brief. Tyler was able to quickly understand the look and feel we were going for and work autonomously to create the assets we were looking for. We realized that the timelines we had originally discussed were a bit too aggressive than anticipated and planned, but Tyler adapted and ensured we were receiving the most critical items still in a timely manner. I would recommend Tyler to anyone else looking for a strong and adaptable video editor, and look forward to working with him again."
- Phil B. - Marketing Director - ASICS

"Tyler was exceptional as our lead cinematographer/videographer. The quality of the work that he captured and also provided input on is incredible. He is definitely a stand-out talent, and can not emphasize enough how thrilled we were to work with him. He was able to take a rough brief and concept and bring it to life during 2 full days of filming which included: outdoor, variable lighting and unpredictable talent (over 20 dogs). He captured those moments (and more), which our internal team will use to tell stories and create social content over the next year. In addition he is genuinely a pleasure to work with. I'm looking forward to our next project so we can work with him again."
- Kirsten B. - Design Director - Canidae

"Tyler is not only one of the best creatives we have worked with but also a A+ professional. We look forward to working with Tyler on all our future video work."
- Jason Martin - CMO - Surface Tech

"Tyler was incredibly communicative and very prepared. He took the time to understand the brief, and he showed up with great ideas and ready to work. The editing process was smooth, the turnaround was quick, and he was a pleasure to work with. The final product of the VSL was exactly what we were looking for. He did a wonderful job. Highly recommend to anyone in need of a skilled videographer and editor."
- Amy F. - HR & Talent Acquisition Manger - Agexa

"Tyler was absolutely excellent to work with. He was so professional, knowledgeable, and really took the time to understand our vision. Selfishly, I don't want to recommend him because I want to keep him all to myself, but I CANNOT recommend him highly enough. He is absolutely phenomenal!"
- Payge K. - President - Wink Digital

"Tyler was professional and performed the job beyond our expectations. He communicates well and gave us everything we asked for. He arrived to the location on time and had all the gear needed to shoot the footage in order to complete our reel. He is easy to work with and is extremely thorough. Tyler even executed the job earlier than expected. We will definitely be working with him again soon and would recommend him to other business professionals who are looking to elevate their establishment to the next level. "
- Colleen G. - Owner - CWF Precision

"It was a genuine pleasure working with Tyler. Very professional, great communication, but more importantly he completely met our expectations of producing a high quality advertisement for our product. He has a clear talent when it comes to shooting and editing, and an overall great aesthetic. I would highly recommend him for any project and will certainly be using him again in the near future."
- Kevin C. - Owner - Humbra USA
"Tyler exceeded all expectations and delivered far beyond what I asked for. I had a beautiful experience working with him, as he brought my vision to life and made everything better than I could imagine. He’s a rare and unique individual where the client can fully trust and rely on the professional 100%. When presented with my ideas, he took them and made them so much better to the point where I wanted to keep throwing my ideas at him just so I can see how he flawlessly improves them. Thank you, Tyler, for your commitment in making your projects a work of art not only to complete the prompt of your clients’ requests, but a work that you can also be proud of."
- Aidan L.  - Carbon Salon

"Always a pleasure working with Tyler. He is incredibly professional and understands our needs with very few words needed."
- Gregory S. - Owner - Stealth Games
"I really enjoyed working with Tyler. The willingness to get the shot was second to none and he was very collaborative and easy to work with. All the deliverables were done on time and within expectation. I would not hesitate to work with Tyler again, he has set a new standard in what we look for in a videographer."
- Jason H.- Marketing and Athlete Relations - Sidekick

"I’ve had the privilege of working with Tyler Hansen at Film Fort on nearly 20 videos, shot in 3 different cities. Tyler has a creative eye for setting up the scene and making it come alive through his production and editing expertise. He is very professional, easy to work with and always comes prepared. Tyler produces stellar quality videos that are cost effective. I would highly recommend Tyler to anyone wanting to tell their story through video." 
- Darci B. - Marketing Project Manager - WE Communications
"Tyler is an incredibly professional, hardworking and talented guy. I wholeheartedly trust his character, production abilities and creative decision-making. Tyler worked with us on a multitude of projects all over the country, and I hope to have the opportunity to bring him on board in the future." 
- Micah Cruver - Creative Director - WE ARE PDX

"Tyler did an incredible job with the creation of my video. I gave him a direction and he executed it with the creativity I had in mind to a T. Not only did he create an outstanding video, he’s very flexible and is willing to work with you regardless of your circumstances. Furthermore, there’s quality in his work, which is key. If you are reading this and are trying to decide whether to go this route, let this be your answer. Thanks Tyler, awesome job man."
- Chase W. - Owner - The Vible
"Tyler worked with my company, DigitalGenius, to produce an excellent two-camera video with a variety of overlays and cuts. He was professional, communicative and fast. His output looked great and exceeded my expectations. I'd absolutely hire him again for anything we do in the Portland area or elsewhere...!"
- Jay H. - VP of Marketing - DigitalGenius​​​​​​​

"Tyler worked with me to create a Kickstarter video for my company, Whyld River. The video was integral to our crowdfunding success and Tyler worked closely with us throughout the entire process to ensure that the end product would be exactly what we needed it to be. Tyler is not only professional and timely, but his passion for video production is what truly sets him apart and makes his work exceptional."
-Rachel B. - CEO - Whyld River​​​​​​​
"Tyler Hansen was hired by the Allison Inn and Spa after finding his impressive portfolio online that showcased exactly what we were looking for to elevate our property. His video style and professionalism, as well as his prompt attention and can-do attitude, was extremely admirable and appreciated during the entire process. Tyler worked with our budget and helped plan the entire shoot from start to finish, down to helping us find the right models. We highly recommend hiring Tyler for your creative video needs! He most definitely has the skillset and eye for good content!
- Anya C. - Marketing and Communication Director - The Allison Inn and Spa
"Tyler was very professional, easy to work with, end product was amazing and I loved working with him, would hire him back in a heartbeat."
- Daniel S. - Executive and Internal Communications - Airbnb

"I worked closely with Tyler on multiple projects during our time together at Columbia Sportswear. The hours were often long and conditions in the field were not always ideal, but Tyler was always very professional and game to work late and get his hands dirty. He has clear and defined vision and a really solid work ethic. I hope we can work together more in the future!"
- Claire Petras - Social Media Manager - Columbia Sportswear

"Tyler is an outstanding video production professional! He handled a two-camera shoot for us with limited upfront information all on his own with speed, proficiency, and communication. I've been working in video production for over 15 years and Tyler is the real deal--a consummate professional that has amazing visual sensibilities and talent. Highly recommended"
-  Francesco P. - Director - Terramare Films

"For the past year, Tyler has been a critical partner in a series of high profile projects involving employees, future candidates and community non-profit partners. He understands the power of storytelling to drive impact and connect with the audiences, delivered high-quality technical expertise and productions. Tyler’s adaptability, flexibility and collaboration is second to none. He is responsive to new ideas and changes. He traveled across the country to capture compelling material. Most importantly he partnered seamlessly with our producer and project manager, and made sure that everyone who he worked at WE Communications, was comfortable in front of the camera. We’re grateful that you were part of our team. Thanks Tyler!"
- Rhian Rotz - Director of Corporate Citizenship & Employee Engagement - WE Communications
"Tyler is a very efficient and effective videographer. We have completed two projects together, and I have been thoroughly impressed with his work. He not only provides high-quality video, but was also integral with setting up the right locations and shots at each location, contributing to interview questions, and balancing time between getting the right mix of first-person/b-roll/drone footage. I plan to hire Tyler for additional projects."
- Shane K. - Marketing Director - Fortis Construction

"We recently had the pleasure of working with Tyler for a recruitment video project and, well, the experience did, in fact, surpass our expectations. From the initial consultation to the final delivery, Tyler demonstrated professionalism, creativity, and dedication to our vision. The video captured the essence of our culture and conveyed our message with clarity and impact. Tyler delivered a video that is visually appealing and that has received numerous compliments from all. What helped set Tyler apart was his ability to listen and adapt. He took the time to understand our needs, offering solid insights and suggestions that enhanced our effort. Moreover, his patience and flexibility during the shoot ensured that our team members felt comfortable and contributed their best. We are incredibly pleased with the outcome and highly recommend Tyler to any business looking for top-notch videography services."
- Allen G. - SVP, Marketing & Communication - The Mahoney Group
"Easily understood the task and completed it well within the agreed timeframe without any oversight. Excellent responsiveness and quality of work; the final project exceeded my expectations. THANK YOU."
- Bobby B. - CRG Retail Design
"On time delivery, excellent communication, easy to work with. Will work with Tyler again!"
- Merrill R. - Marketing Director - Planet Fitness

"Tyler did an absolutely awesome job. Extremely high quality work, patient, professional, reliable - list goes on. Couldn't recommend any more."
- James F. - Co-Founder - Dark Horse Solutions

"Working with Tyler has been one of our best experiences on Upwork. He was so communicative, got our vision right away, and created an amazing, super brand-aligned video. His turnaround was fast, and the final product is so much better than we ever thought it could be. Tyler's video will be a huge value-add to our brand. I would hire Tyler again in a heartbeat and hope to work with him again in the future!"
- Amy D. - Owner - Movido

"Tyler was great! He was incredibly responsive and very patient with my slower response time and dealt with a pretty big time difference seamlessly. He was very professional through the whole process, very friendly, and went with the flow of things. I absolutely recommend him!"
- Hayley S. - Marketing - ZenCity

"Tyler was amazing - we had him film corporate testimonial videos. He had an eye for picking on-site locations, was flexible in schedule before and after the event where we were filming, and the final product was very high quality and delivered within 24 hours. Highly recommend."
- Brett S. - CEO - Ruuster
"TOP NOTCH! The quality of Tyler's videos are impeccable. If you want your videos to stand out in a sea of average videos on social media, he is your guy! 10/10!!!"
- Nima S. - Owner - Hippo 7

"Tyler made it super easy! He took my ideas and ran with them instead of me having to micromanage the project. It was exactly what I was looking for. Bringing in an expert like Tyler, who can piece things together, make it flow, and grab people's attention, was really valuable. But most importantly, since it was a quick deadline, I loved not having to go back and forth much. He delivered exactly what I was looking for."
- Kari - Owner - Vegify

"Tyler was simply brilliant at every level, from responsiveness to communication to the quality of output. Organizing a shoot from 6,000 miles away is easy with Tyler. Much appreciated."
- Sam Conniff - Author - BE MORE PIRATE​​​​​​​

"When searching for a high quality property video I was referred to Tyler Hansen with LUX MEDIA.  After our initial conversation, I knew that I selected the right person and company.  Tyler is VERY flexible and easy to work with.  He offers suggestions on angles for images as well as listens intently to what you as the customer want to see as the end result of the project.  We have used him multiple times at our resort and when the need arises again - Tyler will be the one I call."
- Sabena D. - Director of Sales and Marketing - Hilton Myrtle Beach Resort

"Tyler is fantastic to work with. He's a great communicator, turns around work quickly, and the quality is stellar. I'll definitely be working with him again in the future."
- Kyle M. - Creative Director - New Science Agency

"Tyler is awesome to work with! He is quick and is a great communicator. The video turned out amazing. We'd love to work with him again very soon."
- Risa T. - Digital Producer - 2nd Street